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Terms and Conditions of 'MyonlineDressage.com'

1) Before you use this site you will be ask to agree to the terms and conditions set out below. This site is solely maintained by the team at `Myonlinedressage.com` otherwise referred to as `us , `we` or `our`.

This site is for recreational as well as clinical use and where we have tried to maintain accuracy, there will always an issue by someone regarding their interpretation. Because of the complexity of dressage and the differing interpretations that they have, `Myonlinedressage.com` will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or information that we believe was correct at the time.

We also reserve the right to change or update the site for any reasons that are held necessary or indeed any services that are being offered without notice.

2) Please take the time to read properly these Terms and Conditions. By registering you are accepting the terms of this agreement and indeed entering into an agreement with us.

3) We want you use and enjoy this site, but do so at your own risk, we will never accept any responsibilities or liabilities for damages arising from the use of this site. Including but not limited to direct or indirect, incidental or consequential or indeed punitive.

4) To the fullest extent permitted by law we make no representations or warranties of any kind. Express or implied with respect to this website or the information, content, materials or products contained. All current tests used were with the express knowledge and kind permission of the British Dressage Society, but not endorsed by British Dressage.

5) There maybe other sponsored third party links to other sites not controlled by `us` and `we` are no way responsible for the accuracy or in accuracies contained therein. Guarantees or warranties suggested by these other sites for goods are solely the responsibility of that trade name

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9) Any change of circumstances, such as change of e-mail address must be communicated to us be the `contact us` page.

10) We will attempt to contact you 14 days before your membership is about to expire.
Increases in the subscription fee will be displayed on the website. Current fees will be guaranteed for the duration of your membership.

11) Information asked at registration will only be applicable to you. All you details will be current, including website address and credit card details.
We will ask you for a credit / debit card details, make sure you are entitled to use it, also, you have the funds to cover the subscription.

12) There maybe times when the site is not available due to technical hitches that are beyond our control.
We will endeavour to ensure everything is done to restore the site as soon as possible. Also video buffering times may vary depending on the level of internet speeds and service you have on your own equipment.
Please be patient.

13 ) Subscription fees are not refundable. Please see our Refund Policy

14) Due to circumstances beyond our control it is sometimes difficult to ensure that annual changes to the tests are being currently displayed. We will always try to keep the site `up to date` and will assist the member, if we can, by providing the appropriate video by another means

Refund Policy

Under current legislation of the Consumer Protection Regulations ( Distance Selling ) certain exceptions are in place.
Exceptions to the Right of Cancel
The consumer does not have the right to cancel a contract unless prior agreement has been sought. This exception is in respect of the sending or transmitting of audio and/or video material
And the supply of goods, because of its nature eg. entertainment or material an instructional nature, cannot be returned.
It will not be the intention of `Myonlinedressage.com` to make any refunds to members.
Nevertheless, consideration will be made if the reasons given are acceptable.

Because of the nature and content of this website it would be wholly inappropriate to provide an extended or open-ended preview trial.
Therefore we would allow a 24 hour,` no conditions` membership of this site, primarily to allow the customer to peruse the site before making their final membership decision.
If we do not receive any notification within this time span, then the contract of membership is binding.
If you are not content with the membership package on offer, just simply e-mail `enquiries@myonlinedressage.co.uk` and we will refund your subscription